Friday, June 15, 2012

Are you looking for a way to easily share internet sites with your students without having to type in long URL's?  Then Symbaloo might be for you!  When you go to and sign in as a new user, you can create widgets that are used as web links.  When you set your Symbaloo webmix as your home page, your students have easy access to all the sites you have placed there.

Why would you want to do this?  As a Primary grade teacher I have found that differentiation is the key to success in my classroom.  Some of my students could benefit by, but other students are at a different level and don't need remedial help that Starfall offers.  In that case I would color code my web links according to student reading levels.  When the red group works on the computer or iPad, they would choose the red widgets which take them to web pages at their own reading level.  You could also set up your web links by subject area.  For example, Priscilla Barcellos has one set up for the Westward Movement - with great resources for her 3rd grade students.

There is also a free Symbaloo app for the iPad.  Just go to the App Store and search for Symbaloo.   I would recommend having a separate Symbaloo account that you will use for all of your students.  When students click on the Symbaloo icon on their iPad, it will take them right to the webmix that you have set up for them.  When they click on an icon, they will go directly to the website without ever having to type in a URL.  Brilliant!

Don't think this is just for students!  I have my Symbaloo webmix set as my home screen.  Whenever I go to the Internet there are icons for all the sites I frequently use.  I just click and go!  This is a real time saver that I love!

Priscilla Barcellos made a short movie about Symbaloo, so if you would like a quick overview, please check it out!  Here is the link:  Symbaloo movie.

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