Sunday, January 10, 2016

2015 - One Second a Day

For years I kept a journal about the happenings of my life, but lately my journal seems to be collecting dust as I have gone more digital. So during 2015, I decided to follow my son Tyler's example, and shoot video every day of the year. From my footage I would select one second from each day to put into a video showcasing the entire year. This was a huge task, mostly because I had my video clips organized on multiple external hard drives. But luckily I was able to complete my project, and am happy with the results. Next year will be much easier since I know what I'm doing now. Here is my 2015, one second a day!

Below is Tyler's video. He is an amazing videographer and my inspiration! I love his creativity in filming at different angles and levels. And besides, those are my adorable grandchildren, son and daughter-in-law!

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