Saturday, July 4, 2015

Hummingbirds and Photography - A Great Combination

Summer vacation has given me a little more time to be fascinated with the hummingbirds that frequent our backyard feeder. For months I have watched them from my kitchen window, and have stood next to their feeder to take pictures. As I've gotten closer and closer to these little creatures, I have gained their trust and can now feed them by hand. The most fascinating things for me are to feel the breeze on my hand as they drink from the tiny handheld feeder, and to feel their tiny feet as they perch on my hand.

I made a video today that shows the hummingbirds drinking from the handfeeder. I used to find Creative Commons music that I could use as background music for my video. The video was made in Final Cut Pro, then loaded onto You Tube. I hope you enjoy it!

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