Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wanted - Guest Bloggers

Have you ever wondered what to have students do when they finish their classwork? Why not have them be a guest blogger on your class website! Sandy Patterson, a 2nd grade teacher at Lindo Park, created a great poster with a QR Code that takes students right to the class blog where they can get motivated to write. The steps are listed on the poster, so students know just what to do. I like to have them email me a picture or two that they took on their mobile device. Choose the best picture to add to the blog entry. I love to explain to students that anyone in the world can read their blog post, so make it relevant and interesting!
Here is a form for students to write their blog posts on. Sandy and I both have them write their articles on paper first, then submit it to the teacher for editing purposes. After editing, we give the paper back to the student so they can type it using their Notes app on their iPad Touch or iPad. After finishing, they email their writing to the teacher who cuts and pastes it onto the Class Blog. If you are a teacher in the Lakeside Union School District, you have the option to create a Class Blog on the Schoolwires website. It is simple and easy to do! Let me know if you need help! Please email me if you would like the Blog Entry form or the Poster with steps and QR Code.

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