Friday, February 3, 2012


Cathy explains the EduCreations app.
Rick shared some student created iMovie Trailers.

Jenn shared an amazing app called Aurasma. 

Kerry shows the app Songify to use with vocabulary words.

Jenn and Steve explain the Aurasma app.  Amazing!

Yesterday I attended a meeting at Lemon Crest School with the teachers who are part of the iCreate group for piloting the new iPod Touch and iPads.  This meeting was inspiring!  Teachers shared some projects that their students had created using various apps.   The apps that were highlighted were:  EduCreations, Book Creator, Aurasma, StoryKit, Keynote, Voice Recorder, iBooks2, Percolator, Songify, iBooks Author, Zite, Recorder Pro, and Garage Band. 

In EduCreations you can draw and record your voice and play back as a video.  It is especially good for showing how to do various math steps, such as long division.  The file can be  emailed, or shared online on a public website.  Book Creator is nice because what you create can go straight to iBooks.  Zite is a web hunter app that brings you news articles, blogs, etc. on subjects you are interested in.  Songify makes your speech into song.  If you have more favorite apps, be sure to add a comment.

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