Friday, February 3, 2012

3rd Grade Percolator Projects

Suzanne Tiedmann is a Pre K-5th grade art teacher at Brunswick Acres School in South Brunswisk, NJ.  Her students do some amazing art!  3rd Graders found their polar bear artwork on the iPads in the art room and imported it to the Percolator app. They explored various filters within the app, and applied them to their work. Next they saved their image to the photo gallery.  "Percolated" Polar Bears

If you need some art ideas, take a look at their online art museum.  It is amazing! 
Artsonia Art Museum. Parents can look at their student's work online, and even purchase different items such as mugs or postcards made with their child's art.  15% of the sales goes back to the school for art supplies.  This is something to look into.  What do you think?

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