Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Making Blog Comments - A Haiku Deck for Students

Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app for iPad Here is a little Haiku Deck I used to help teach students about making blog comments.  I love Haiku Deck!

I love how you can create presentations on your iPad or your computer.  Plus they have copyright friendly images that you can use to enhance your presentations.  Check it out!  Have you used Haiku Deck?

If you would like some more info on creating great blog comments, then check out Mrs. Yollis' 3rd grade website.  She has a couple videos her class created.  


  1. I love using Haiku Deck! I LOVE the one you made about making blog comments. Very effective! Thanks for sharing :)
    The Techie Teacher

  2. Thanks Julie. I haven't had my students use Haiku Deck yet. Have you? I think if I do, I would have them use their own images from their Photo Library on the iPad. (Which kind of defeats the purpose of using Haiku Deck, right?) I am a little nervous about the image searches and what might come up for the students. How do you feel about it?