Monday, December 24, 2012

December Memories

It's Christmas Eve, and time for some family fun!  I can't let December slip away sharing our Elf Adventures and class party.  December was such a great month full of magical moments due to our  visitor from the North Pole.  Students were motivated to come to school on time every day.  They got lots of practice taking pictures on their iPads, then editing them and inserting pictures into the Book Creator app where they documented the elf's adventures each day.  They recorded their voices reading their letter from Santa into an Audio app.  They even wrote songs about our missing elf the day the Grinch showed up!  Next they recorded their songs in Songify or Garage Band - their choice.  (One little girl told me her song was a sad song, so she couldn't do it in Songify, because that made it sound happy.)  This has been a great month of learning and fun!  

We found out that Elfis and the elf next door are BFF's!

A class mystery began one day when the Grinch showed up in place of the elf!

Another surprise came when  Elfis and Sparkles traded classrooms.

Elfis and his new friends.

Elfis kept moving our containers around.  He was leaving a clue to look inside!

Elfis and Sparkles with Santa.

Silly Elfis put reindeer antlers all over the room!

Elfis figured out how to write on our class blog!  He even wrote comments on our blog entries!

Good spot for kid watching!

Waving goodbye to the elf.

He likes his new necklace!

Loving our "Tech the Halls" bulletin board.
We decorated gingerbread ornaments.  Love the parent volunteers!

So many volunteers, I got to go around and take pictures.

Pizza for lunch

The students loved decorating (and eating) cookies.

Students recorded themselves reading their letters from Santa on their iPads.

One student thought of making a necklace for Elfis.

Letters from Santa

One of the best things that took place during the month of December was all the writing that took place on the Book Creator app, and the class blog.  Book Creator lets you make books with writing, pictures, audio and video that can all be placed on your iBooks shelf.  For our class blog I am using Kid Blog, and have been very happy with it.  Check it out!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

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